March Simply Family/Simply Parties by Jackie

MARCHing right into spring!

The end of winter is in sight! Warmer days are ahead ☀️ Let’s march into spring with loads of family fun!

Lemon bread and Hummingbird bread– both delicious

It’s Cool to Care: Maybe you have a neighbor or older relative who lives alone. Show them how much you care by making a “heat and eat dinner”. Use a freezer/microwave save container and prepare a meal for them. Adding homemade bread is also a thoughtful and yummy idea!

So simple and nutritious, just make sure you are aware of any dietary restrictions

Happy to be Healthy: YOGA – Even if you only do a few poses each day to start, I’m pretty sure your body and mind will thank you. Take a glance at this informative website to learn about the different types and benefits of yoga. http:/

Get into your animal spirit by trying these animal poses together.

Feels so lovely on the spine “YOGA FOR YOU and your child” by Mark Singleton page 69
Kicking Mule is usually a kid favorite “YOGA FOR YOU and your child” by Mark Singleton page 67
Wonderful shoulder stretch “YOGA FOR YOU and your child” by Mark Singleton page 65

Family Fun: Movie Night- March means March Madness! Choose a basketball themed movie such as Air Bud, Space Jam, Like Mike, Rebound, or Teen Wolf. Pretend you’re at a ball game and enjoy snacks such as nachos, popcorn, or ice cream. You can even turn these snacks into a nacho bar, popcorn bar, or ice cream bar to make the evening extra fun!

Choose your favorite add-ins for popcorn
For older kiddos, I’d say 10+

Game Night: Let each member of your family choose his/her favorite board game to play. This is a great way to play some of those games that maybe haven’t been played in awhile, but someone is always asking, “Who wants to play this with me?”

Isn’t fun to play games that haven’t been out in awhile?

Hooray for the Holidays: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday– Of course we have to celebrate this day! Take turns reading Dr. Seuss books. Try making some green eggs and ham or stack some mini pancakes and strawberries for the Cat in the Hat’s hat. See who can make the tallest stack. A neat website to check out is

Way too many good ones to pick a favorite
How high can you stack them?

Mardi Gras: a carnival like atmosphere with music, parades, food, how fun! To learn some cool facts about Mardi Gras, check out this website.

Get crafty making a Mardi Gras mask or how about baking a king cake? Here’s a super easy recipe, but there are many more cake recipes if you’d rather bake from scratch.

Get as creative as you can!

St. Patrick’s Day: Talk about the history behind St. Patrick’s Day. Locate Ireland on your globe or world map. Play some Irish tunes. Get everyone involved in the kitchen making corned beef and cabbage, Guinness beef stew, or any Irish recipe that is new to you. Set up a scavenger hunt and use green paper shamrocks to write clues on. The treasure could be chocolate coins, a pass on doing chores, extra screen time, or choosing what’s for dessert.

A colorful project! Add food coloring to water, start with the primary colors and mix to make more. You can also put six glasses in a circle, red water in the first, yellow in the third, and blue in the fifth, So every other one has plain water. Use 6 strips of thin paper towels to place in glasses so that red connects with each clear glass beside it and so forth. As the towel soaks up the colored water from each side, it should mix in the clear glass of water!

Home Helpers: Spring means it’s time to organize! Make it a family project not only to clear out clutter, but start by organizing one room. The kitchen is the heart of the house, why not begin there? h

Customize your organizing challenge to fit your household needs
Just an example of a 30 day cleaning challenge, you can alter it for a better fit for your family home.

Keep on adding to your coin jar! Cha-ching! $$$

Mind Matters: “Music is what feelings sound like” Have the musicians of the family put on a little concert. Listen to different types of music and see if you can here specific instruments. Let everyone speak (or sing) about their favorite kinds of music, instrument, or instrument they would like to learn to play. Check out this website for some DIY instruments you can make.

Winter Wonders: Spring is on it’s way, but not quite here yet. Enjoy the end of winter by taking a walk and searching for signs of spring.

Some signs of spring’s arrival are people out on the bikes, lots and lots of mud, and the talk of gardens!

Read On: Pick out some classics to enjoy. When done with reading the book, find the movie and compare the two. What are the differences, if any? Which did you enjoy more? Would you recommend both? What are your favorite parts?

Parents’ Corner: Make time for meditation. Even a few minutes of meditation a day can really help with those daily stresses. There are many wonderful short meditation videos on youtube that boost energy levels, help with anxiety or improve sleep. Find an app that fits your needs and can remind you daily to take a couple minutes to stop for mindful meditation.

Thanks for reading my March blog! As always, I appreciate your time. Hope you have much March fun with these family activities!

4 thoughts on “March Simply Family/Simply Parties by Jackie

  1. Jackie these are such fantastic ideas and resources all in one spot. I really look forward to your posts and sometimes imagine how I’d do some of these with Bailey and Casey if I ever got a ‘do-over’. I’ll share with some of my teacher friends. Thanks!


  2. This is wonderful and I can’t wait to do some of these with my grandkids this week!
    Thank you for the great tips and the reminders!
    Look forward to the next one!


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